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My love

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Social networking rules

In a quickly growing digital networking world where people's attention seems so divided amidst all the tweets, emails, texts and Facebook messages; I find Kevin Kelley's thoughts both refreshing and interesting.
"my first priority is face to face conversation. If I can be physically in front of someone, I give that person my full attention-ignoring competing distractions of phone calls or anything else that might hinder my focus. But if a face to face conversation is not possible, I defer to voice-to-voice-normally by way of phone. But even with that, I have rules. When I'm having a phone conversation, I don't look at my computer screen or engage with anything in front of me, except the person I'm talking to at that moment. I want to be fully present. But finally, if neither one of those options exist, my last resort is screen to screen. Using email or sending a text is my last preference-but even then I keep it short and sweet but force myself to be fully present in the written communication I send."
Interesting. Your thoughts?


  1. very true bro i get the most life from face to face interaction and i think other people do as well. its amazing how loved someone feels when you ask them to coffee or dinner just to connect face to face. every person wants to be pursued; its in their nature to be pursued by God. sometimes God uses other humans to show His divine pursuit so if we relegate pursuit to 60 characters or less that is limiting the intimiate connection God desires for us.

    I love your heart Baus.


  2. Totally agree!
    It amazes me how unique face to face conversation is now... There is a weird desire for a separation and delayed responses. I really hate when I call someone and they text me in return "what's up?" ... What's up is I would like to hear your voice! :)
    However, what is the most unique to me is how off guard it catches people when I not only give them my full attention, but try to make good eye contact and actually practice active listening... The reaction is priceless. I love watching people's demeanor's change!